I had some pain in the side-tendons of my neck for the past few months and I couldn’t work out ‘why’, as I’ve never had a problem with this area before.  It wasn’t until I’d had a Kinesiology session with Michelle – to help with my Goal of being comfortable with Public Speaking – that multiple past-life limitations in this area were cleared.  As soon as I got up from the table, the neck pain had instantly disappeared, like it had never been there.   The pain had appeared just as I was considering embarking on a new path in life & I didn’t realise the connection until after the Kinesiology session with Michelle.

I recommend Kinesiology for anyone looking to find healing for their body from unknown sources.  Michelle is also a Reiki Master and has utilised her training in both areas, together with her amazing intuition, to provide a wonderful healing response for me over the past couple of years – at any given time, for many and varied situations.  I would recommend you see Michelle for any condition, whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

SB – May 2014


Dearest Michelle,

Thank you for the wonderful experience, you have given me with your gentle healing kinesiology, during my session with you I found myself drifting into a beautiful space and seeing lights zipping around the channels of my body (something I never have experienced before) like lights of cars on a freeway at night. I truly am grateful to you for your healing hands and abilities.

Kindest Regards Always
Dhana xx


I have experienced in the past a few different healing techniques through out my life and I feel that a lot of them have been very good and powerful. In 2009 I had a kinesiology treatment and I noticed the enormous gift that Michelle has as a healer. Her compassion and her dedication to her work is easily transferred through her healing hands and her amazing gift. I thank Michelle for her loving gift that she shares with humanity and I wish that more people have the same opportunity and experience that I have had through her kinesiology technique.