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Reiki is a powerful, yet gentle and non-invasive method of healing.  It has been around for thousands of years and was rediscovered by Mikao Usui in the late 19th century.  ‘Rei’ means Universal and ‘ki’ means Life Force Energy.

We are alive because life force flows through us.  It travels through our physical body and aura.  It nourishes the body thus supporting our vital functions.  When our life force is disrupted in any way it causes dysfunction at some level of our being and can affect the physical body and its functioning.

Reiki heals by clearing blockages, raising the vibratory level of the energy field and increasing the life force. It works on all levels – mental, spiritual, physical and emotional.

What can Reiki assist with?

  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • General health and well-being
  • Physical ailments – muscular, tension and pain reduction
  • Mental ailments – depression, anxiety, headaches
  • Recovery from Illness, Injury or Surgery
  • Calming/balancing the emotions
  • Mental clarity
  • Chakra clearing and balancing
  • Personal and Spiritual Growth

Who can benefit from Reiki?

Everyone.  Reiki is safe, gentle and non-invasive making it suitable for babies through to the elderly.


Reiki Workshops

Whether you are interested in learning Reiki for yourself or wanting to start your own practice it doesn’t matter. Reiki is life changing! 

Workshops are available for Level I, Level II and Master Teacher.

For Workshop dates and further information contact Michelle 0417 612 803